Warren Mathers has bail varied to attend a funeral at Ivanhoe

Wagga Local Court
Wagga Local Court

One of the Mathers brothers who was allegedly involved in a car park brawl that resulted in the death of Terry Wickey has had his bail varied to attend a funeral. 

Solicitor David Barron, who represented both of the brothers, told The Daily Advertiser outside court that the application was granted for Warren Mathers, 28, to attend his aunt’s funeral in Ivanhoe. 

Both brothers are currently bailed to reside in Wagga under a strict curfew with daily reporting and several other conditions. 

Mr Barron said Malcolm Mathers, 29, was initially going to make an application to attend but was unable to get the time off work. 

Warren is charged with affray. 

Malcolm Mathers is charged with assault causing death while intoxicated and affray after the fatal incident at the Ashmont Inn on December 3.