Wagga Wiggle has a lot to sing about

WAGGA'S yellow Wiggle is now a proud father.Sam Moran and his wife Lyn Stuckey welcomed their first child Eloise Isabella Moran at 2pm on Monday, weighing 6lb (2.95kgs).The pair were quickly joined in Sydney by loved ones including Sam's mother Marion, who still lives and works in Wagga.A statement released yesterday said mum and baby were healthy and happy."Eloise arrived two weeks early and is healthy and doing well, with thick black hair like her dad's," it said.Sam and Lyn met while working on the Dorothy the Dinosaur tour in the USA.Lyn was then playing Dorothy, while Sam was the show's host and the pair have stayed strong after Sam took over the yellow skivvy from Greg Page in 2006.Sam replaced Page after he was diagnosed with orthostatic intolerance, a debilitating chronic condition that affects balance, breathing and co-ordination.There is no doubt the bouncing baby can soon expect to be dancing to the sounds of Hot Potato, Hot Potato and the Big Red Car from side of stage, supporting her famous mum and dad.The news will also be welcomed around the Riverina, where Sam is well known after moving to Wagga as a child.The proud parents will take a short break to settle Eloise into her new home before the Wiggle empire once again kicks into full swing.Sam also has another baby in the works as his debut solo album is due out in April, titled Colour of Love.