Community investors raise more than $150,000 for solar project

The installation of solar power at Coolamon’s Allawah Lodge aged care facility is to go ahead.

Using a community-funding model, the $153,828 needed to install the system has now been raised.

This will enable the council to lower its energy bills by purchasing clean, community-owned renewable energy at a cheaper rate than grid power – and reduce their emissions at the same time.

Coolamon Shire had signed up to a program with not-for-profit organisation Repower, which had the task of  finding investors from the community to join together to buy solar panels.

It is estimated the council will save about $9000 a year in electricity costs.

Council, which owns the Allawah complex, will then repay local residents their investment, with interest, via a power purchase agreement.

The council will own the panels after 10 years, when the residents’ investment has been repaid.