You say: Urging politicians to think about what matters

A reader is urging our state's leaders to listen to the public about the things that matter to them.
A reader is urging our state's leaders to listen to the public about the things that matter to them.

Top letters and well reasoned by Clover Moore, Lord Mayor of Sydney, and by Justin Field, Greens MLC, and by Luke Foley, Leader of the Labour Party, concerning the gross waste and totally irresponsible spending of $2 billion on pulling down two good sport stadiums and building one new one.

Two billion may not sound all that impressive but in fact it means 2000 times $1 million.

Where on earth are the priorities of the Berejiklian government?

They have lost all common sense and their priorities are topsy turvy.

Please NSW State leaders, think again and listen to the urgent pleas and sound reasoning by the people of NSW.

For the good of the people of NSW, come down out of the clouds and come down to earth.

Our far greater other priorities are what really matters, not the misplaced priorities and ego and pride of a few at the helm.

You are our ministers, which means you are there to serve us, the people of NSW, you are not there to lord it over us and ignore our urgent pleas.

Paul Bosman


One’s enough, thanks

Aren't you sick of those ads on TV that say “But wait, order now and get another one free”? 

Well I don't need two vacuum cleaners, I can only push one at a time.

I don't need two step ladders, I can only stand on one at a time.

At the moment I only require one Hawk flat ball inflator, perhaps as I get older I might have use for the other. 

Could these companies please let us have one instead of two for one half of the packaged price. 

Gerry Reed


I support a change

I support changing the date for Australia Day.

As reported by Fairfax Media previously, January 26 is not a day when all Australians can celebrate, as it is a day for mourning by some. 

There are a number of days that could be chosen. 

September 1, Wattle Day, as suggested by Nancy Rooke, or the date of the 1967 referendum, either the date of the poll or date when declared, as this was the date when finally all Australians could vote in Australia's electoral system or the date when Australia severed its ties from Great Britain, which I think was around March in the 1980s, becoming a truly independent nation?

I won't be attending any Australia Day celebrations and Albury Council should do the same like other councils have done.

So let’s change the date when all Australians can celebrate being Australians together.

Peter Hood


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