Henty man blows more than three times the legal limit


A Henty father who blew more than three times the legal limit will serve his sentence in the community. 

Kristopher Raymond Hume, 32, was caught driving with a blood alcohol reading of 0.155 on January 26 last year at Henty. 

Hume told police he had consumed three cans of full strength Bourbon and Cola in a four hour period before getting behind the wheel. 

Documents tendered to the court state Hume resisted police and asked what would happen if he ran away while he was conveyed to Culcairn Police Station. 

The offence was in breach of an existing good behaviour bond. 

Magistrate Erin Kennedy told Hume he would end up in prison if he drove drunk again. 

“I don’t know what’s wrong with you – that you can’t think of those seven children before making such a ridiculous decision,” she said. 

“You were something like 25 times more likely to have an accident. 

“If you can’t stop making these decisions then stop drinking, it’s pretty simple.” 

Hume was ordered to complete 230 hours of community service, disqualified from driving for nine months and received a 24-month interlock order.