You say: readers debate science and fact in climate change

Reader debate the effects and existence of climate change. What are your thoughts? Send them to
Reader debate the effects and existence of climate change. What are your thoughts? Send them to

Paul Bosman is claiming to have proven climate change wrong by having an "AHA!" moment while watching a feature film. 

Luckily science doesn't work that way.

Even if the footage was specifically picked, even if it was entirely special effects, that's not the important part of the information being presented and to claim it wrong as a result is ridiculous. Let alone to say it proves all the other science presented wrong.

For some evidence he can experience first hand, I suggest he travel to some glaciers, especially ones we've been watching for a while like in the USA, but it's a hard trip for many. Try Athabasca, or Colombia ice fields, there's plenty to pick from, for now. See, you'll park at the car park. But you can't see a glacier from there at Colombia. In 1844, you would have been standing on it, and a helpful sign says as much. Another sign points you the right way to go. Different glaciers vary on distances you'll have to travel but here's a typical journey at several.

After walking/hiking several hundred meters under strict sign instruction, you might get excited as you see another sign and some ice ahead. "Glacier was here in 1905." Keep on walking. Another few hundred meters for "1935". For some of these glaciers, you're going to be hiking up several kilometers that it hasn't touched in decades. Eventually, you'll see it. And from where you can see it, you'll be next to a sign that says it hasn't got to where you are since 1975. And if you look back down the trail, you can see the path that it used to follow, but now it melts long before it gets the chance.

We've lost hundreds of billions of tonnes in glacial and Arctic ice in the last 100 years. To claim we haven't because you think you can poke a hole in how a particular shot was filmed is insane.

Phil Boyd


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