Lake Albert man to perform 250 hours community service for drug charges

Wagga Local Court
Wagga Local Court

A Lake Albert man caught hiding drugs down his underwear and inside a beanie in a video arcade machine will pay his debt to society through 250 hours of community service.

Josh Bowen was sentenced to supplying a prohibited drug and four related offences – three counts of possessing prohibited drugs and a single count of possessing equipment to administer a prohibited drug. 

The 24-year-old man also faced Wagga Local Court for three other charges including unlawfully obtaining goods on premises, refusal to submit a blood sample and driving on a cancelled licence. 

The accused’s solicitor, Christine Mendes, said Bowen had succumbed to a methamphetamine addiction during the offending. 

Ms Mendes said Bowen had been clean since his arrest more than eight months ago in an effort to take control of a life that was spiralling out of control. 

“It’s not an excuse but it does explain how he ended up where he is now,” Ms Mendes said. 

Ms Mendes said the supply matter wasn’t sophisticated or large enough to be part of an ongoing operation, asking magistrate Erin Kennedy to consider a lengthy community service order. 

Crown solicitor Jessica Dawson said Bowen showed good prospects for rehabilitation but argued for a term of imprisonment for the supply charge, given its level of seriousness. 

“These offences were committed in July, August and September which shows a continuation of his conduct,” Ms Dawson said. 

Ms Kennedy said having a large quantity of drugs opened up a world for other people to get involved, as she commended Bowen on his commitment to rehabilitate. 

“It must have been horrific for your family to feel the loss of you while you were right there,” Ms Kennedy said. 

“You have been affected to greatly by these substances but it could’ve been another life and another family left picking up the pieces.” 

Bowen was sentenced to a 12-month suspended prison sentence, three 18-month good behaviour bonds, $2300 worth of fines and disqualified from driving for two years.