Expo provides endless career possibilities

The beauty of being a teenager – and from memory, there’s not many – is that you have your whole life ahead of you.

Between the struggles of final exams, maintaining a social life and chores, teens are thinking of what they want to be.

High school ends in a matter of years or months and it’s time to start thinking of career prospects.

Most students would have skills or abilities they want to turn into a careers, others, perhaps not.

At the very least, they have an idea of what they’re not cut out for.

When we were younger, we wanted to be a firefighter, princess, police officer, astronaut or teacher.

And for some, not many of those have changed.

Well, maybe we become more realistic about the chances of actually becoming royalty.

But we have visions of grandeur, this idea we can be what we want because we have no idea how the world works.

When we get older, we have a clearer idea of how it works, and figure out ways we fit into it.

Career expos are the perfect way for students to get a tester of what they want to do.

Sure, it could be information overload, with perhaps too many choices.

People thrusting leaflets at you, demonstrations flashing at the corner of your eye and so many showbags you can barely carry all the loot.

But the best way to get excited about a career prospect you’re already thinking of is to talk to others in the field.

There’s nothing more uplifting than seeing someone who genuinely loves their job and wants to recruit others to it.

Kyeamba Smith Hall was yesterday potentially filled with the city’s next teachers, law enforcers, life savers, beauticians and maybe even a journalist or two.

It’s exciting to think teenagers are getting amped about the next stages in their lives, returning home to tell their parents that their career choices have been confirmed or have changed.

And what parent doesn’t want to see their child get excited about their future?

We wish all the students who attended yesterday’s expo the best of luck in choosing their future career paths.

Hopefully you got the answers you were looking for.


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