What Wagga residents won’t do for a dollar

For almost every story we do on a charity event, those participating sing Wagga’s praises about how generous the community is.

SMRF founder Angela Boulton at Light the Night last year.

SMRF founder Angela Boulton at Light the Night last year.

Wagga Takes 2 raises almost $500,000 without blinking an eyelid. 

GoFundMe accounts exceed their limits from generous residents, most of which who have no connection to those they are donating to.

So it comes as no shock that residents are once again willing to go outside their comfort zone to raise money for a worthy cause.

The Specialist Medical Resources Foundation (SMRF) assists those with diseases or conditions where assistance or treatment are not funded by the government.

Grants of up to $5000 can be given to families.

The organisation already hosts a range of profitable and fun events, including the Christmas-time Light the Night.

And now they are asking residents to put their best foot forward, literally.

Nine individuals with little or no dance experience will recreate iconic dances, including routines from Grease and Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The routines, including ballroom, jazz and musical theatre, will be taught by professional dancers and performed early next month live to an audience.

The thought of performing any task – singing, dancing, cooking or playing sport – in which you have limited skill or experience in front of people is daunting.

If you don’t like singing in front of people, don’t do karaoke.

Not great on the dance floor? 

Then don’t bust a move in public.

No one likes to make a fool of themselves, especially in public.

But it does not seem to phase Wagga residents, as long as someone less fortunate will benefit from it.

Most of us avoid situations where we feel uncomfortable but there are many among us who are gravitating toward them.

What does that say about us as a community? 

It says we should definitely be trying to push the limits.

Who is brave enough to think of a fundraiser that pushes people beyond just singing and dancing on stage?

Bungee jumping for cancer or tattoos for mental health.

Can we really pose the question, how far will people go?


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