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May 16, 1917

Received a good mail last night. A fellow came in to-day to tell me Morris had been killed. It took some time for the full realisation of it to come to me. I seemed so sure of him being safe that two days ago it was a mere matter of form for me to look through the A. and O. books at the C.C.S. Being some distance from the 2nd Division I have been unable to find out anything or even to verify what I heard to-day.

Only last night I received a letter from Will with an account of his time spent with Morris, also some photos of them together. Poor old Morris, the finest man I know, the finest man I ever will know. Honourable, Christian-like and upright at all times, having a brilliant intellect and firm determination, which impressed everyone with whom he came in contact. The greatest honour ever conferred upon me was to be called his friend. In all my heart-searchings as to what manner of man I was and how I appeared to my comrades, his calling me friend was sufficient answer for me.

David and Johnathan, and now David had gone to his Maker. For over ten years we have been all in all to one another, no influence between us, two bodies as one, a brother and a friend, the greatest asset in this life. Some day I will join him, ‘tis in God’s hands, God’s Will be done.


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