Thief arrested: Search yields ‘good results’ for Wagga police

The “good results” of a search warrant lead to the arrest of a 17-year-old Wagga boy this week. 

The young man was taken into custody and charged with allegedly breaking into a Hampden Avenue garage earlier this week.

The North Wagga resident was alerted to the theft of his Mitsubishi Mirage when he heard its motor kick over. 

As the resident came outside, the offender was reportedly startled and reversed into a telegraph pole, making his escape on foot. 

Wagga police superintendent Bob Noble said CCTV footage lead officers to the seventeen-year old as he allegedly withdrew cash from a Turvey Park ATM, using a stolen card.

A treasure trove of stolen items, allegedly linking the young man to to break-and-enter offences and related theft, were found at a Tolland home after 9.50am on Thursday.

Items seized included keys, an iPad, cash, personal documents, mobile phones, sim cards, drugs and clothing reportedly connected to the Hampden Avenue incident.