Shoppers paws for effect

The Snowy Mountains Animal Rescue Team (SMART) will try anything to get their furry friends a new home – even invading local businesses.

It was a puppy onslaught as three of the more than 20 dogs currently in care at the shelter made their presence known in Baylis Street.

It is a tried and tested method to find forever homes.

It was not a sight that Specsavers customers are used to but there was no need to adjust your prescription – there were actually dogs on the premises.

SMART has been visiting local businesses in an attempt to spread their name around and find homes for animals.

Their last in-store appearance resulted in the adoption of five dogs and founder Lorene Cross is hoping for similar results this time.

“If we don’t rehome anyone we usually come home with a few donations and our name out there,” she said.

Mrs Cross arrived at the Wagga store yesterday with miniature fox terriers Rupert and Oscar and staghound cross Tabitha.

She is looking for foster carers or volunteers for market days and can be contacted on 0428 491 492.