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One of our regular letter writers wonders if Deputy Premier John Barilaro (pictured) knows less than Cootamundra-Gundagai council's new administrator?
One of our regular letter writers wonders if Deputy Premier John Barilaro (pictured) knows less than Cootamundra-Gundagai council's new administrator?

Well done, Jenny

I was pleased to read your correspondent defend her way of life after the negative letters against her (Meat in the Sandwich, Daily Advertiser, April 13).

Jenny Moxham’s informative reply to Sharon Coggan’s ridiculously emotive letter hit the nail on the head. I place myself in the same category as Jenny when she said she is simply trying to enlighten others so they won’t be as ignorant as we were. When we have learnt these facts they can’t be “un-learned”.

When we know about the devastating cruelty inflicted on innocent animals for food, we want no part of it, and feel better for it. Sharon must know that the reduction of these atrocities will not end overnight. Attrition and less breeding would automatically reduce animal numbers and farmers would diversify into more sustainable agriculture. Our health would definitely improve, the health of the planet’s ecosystems would slowly recover from the pollution caused by animal farming, and of course the cruelty would end.

Diane Cornelius


Too busy to bother

Jenny Moxham does have a bad memory. I wonder if it is because of the vegan diet. She has previously stated eating eggs was bad but now denies it, but really it doesn’t matter if she said it or not I don’t want to go on about it anymore.

I am too busy. I have four chooks to pluck. They were very good chooks, laid an egg a day but they stopped laying eggs regularly so I have had to replace them. I won’t waste any though. My dog likes the heart, liver and giblets and I like the breast.

I used to live in Healesville, near Monbulk. I am glad I moved away in case it is contagious.

Bryan Pomeroy


Forced council mergers

So, the Cootamundra/Gundagai Regional Council has got a new administrator, Mr Stephen Sykes, who is already predicting a wonderful and bright future for Gundagai under his supervision.  

However, Mr Sykes apparently isn’t aware that before the unwanted merger, Gundagai residents had – since council’s inception – experienced just that. And to remind Mr Sykes just how successful our former democratically-elected council was, we have the $4 million main street upgrade which is well on its way to completion and that’s just one of the many successful projects undertaken and completed by our former council.

This is a clear indication of how successful council was. Therefore, if it isn’t broke why fix it? It is understandable why Mr Sykes is trying to paint a bright and prosperous future under his administration.  But you cannot blame everyone for being sceptical after their forgettable experiences with his predecessor. Again, it’s a matter of once bitten twice shy. 

I noticed that Mr Sykes has scuttled any potential of a future de-merger. Did he get this information from the horse’s mouth? Obviously, Mr Sykes is better informed than our local member, Katrina Hodgkinson and our other potential saviour, John “no-show” Barilaro. These two are supposed to be working feverishly and tirelessly behind the scenes to scrap the mergers but apparently, Mr Sykes knows more than they do.

It is only human nature for Mr Sykes to paint a rosy picture so that he can hang on to his over-generous salary. But to be brutally frank – the overwhelming majority of Gundagai residents don’t want any part of any amalgamation in any form.

Until the administrator – whoever that may be – and the interim general manager ride off into the sunset, like ex-administrator Christine Ferguson did, then the Gundagai residents, who have had a gut-full of this entire nonsense, will not only maintain the rage – they will increase it.

Geoff Field



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