The Rock animal cruelty case triggers intervention from animal activists

Animal activists will bankroll a billboard ad in Wagga urging cat owners to keep their pets indoors. 

The advertising blitz comes in response to three pet cats killed and skewered on a barbed wire fence at The Rock.

The Rock resident Hope Cochrane owned a domestic short-haired cat named Jack, which found hanging lifeless from its hind leg.

Her Facebook campaign Justice for Jack attracted hundreds of likes and caught the attention of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

PETA are currently negotiating with Wagga outdoor advertisers to "put up a billboard urging everyone to keep cats indoors".

"In addition to being tortured and killed by cruel people, cats who are allowed to roam outdoors risk being hit by cars, being poisoned, contracting fatal diseases and becoming lost," a PETA spokeswoman said. 

“What happened to Jack was a horrific reminder we need to keep an eye on our pets when they're roaming outdoors.

“People who abuse animals regularly go on to abuse humans, so I hope Wagga police find who's responsible.” 

Ms Cochrane has been overwhelmed by the online support and encouragement, but was disappointed no one had come forward with any information.

“I have seen photos of the cats hanging from the fence on Facebook, so someone must know what happened,” she said.

While grateful for PETA’s interest in the plight of her beloved companion, Ms Cochrane will not be taking advice from the activists.

“I’ve never had a problem with my cats outside during the day – until now,” she said.