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The traffic light debate for the corner of Brookong Avenue and Docker Street continues to divide residents.
The traffic light debate for the corner of Brookong Avenue and Docker Street continues to divide residents.

Happy to help

Thanks Peter Simpson from Lake Albert on your advice to myself as a Wagga councillor in the March 17 edition of The Daily Advertiser.

I really try my best to represent Wagga and the community in council. I would be happy to catch up with yourself at anytime to have a conversation around your issues or concerns. I am also happy to explain how local government works and how my role as councillor can help with your problems. Looking forward to you contacting me to discuss.


Tim Koschel


No more lights

We don’t need a set of traffic lights on the corner of Docker Street and Brookong Avenue.

It is very rare to see traffic waiting to turn north from Brookong Avenue whilst those turning south have regular breaks in the traffic from the Edward Street lights.

Those proposing the lights need to go and watch for 15 minutes – providing they use common sense.

But then what would I know – I only average about 250kms a day driving around town.

Peter Dolden


Questions arise about marriage equality

The newspaper reports about the presentations by the “Marriage Equality” campaign around the state, led by Tiernan Brady, reveal interesting questions.

The meetings appear to have been calmly conducted, and responses to them have been polite. This is as it should be and everyone involved can be commended.

Unfortunately, the reprehensible side of the issues struck back. A discussion panel organised by the Bible Society between two Liberal federal politicians, with some involvement by Coopers Brewery, has been viciously attacked. These attacks came from the pro-LGBTI lobby and revealed an underlying unconscionable attitude.

The tactics were despicable - intimidatory attitudes, threats of boycotting Coopers Brewery and any other businesses which did not actively support same-sex marriage, revolting language and so on.

This was immediately followed by 20 CEOs from some of Australia’s largest companies issuing a letter to the Prime Minister demanding immediate legislation to change marriage. This letter was apparently written by, and distributed to, the CEOs by “Marriage Equality”. It was signed individually within the group.

There are numerous serious implications involved here. CEOs can hold individual beliefs, just like the rest of us, but they are working with large numbers of other people - employees, suppliers, and share-holders, who might hold very different beliefs. These were not acknowledged.

They have no authority to indulge in corporate bullying of the Australian government, and thus the Australian people, nor any other businesses with which they deal on a commercial basis.

The waters surrounding love and marriage get murkier by the day.

Bruce Watson

Kentucky, NSW

Weekends are sacred

The weekend is sacred. Of all the days of the week I don't want to work, it is Saturday and Sunday. With the cuts to penalty rates I won't have any incentive at all. Imagine giving up your Sunday from 9-5 for an insignificant $136. It's not just the Sunday I'm giving up, it’s Saturday night too. How am I supposed to spend money out at a bar contributing to the economy and be in bed by 10pm for work the next day?

We are students. We are desperate for money and will take anything, but not this!

Jessie Edison



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