Leeton shire's p-plate drivers must adhere to new legislation

THE state’s p-plate drivers have been further restricted from using their mobile phones thanks to new legislation. 

Under the laws, which came into force on Thursday, green p-plate drivers are now no longer able to use their mobile phone at all while driving or riding. 

This brings them into line with the same legislation that is already in place for those on their P1 or red p-plates. 

Other changes include punishing young drivers with a six-month extension of their Ps every time they are suspended for speeding or other unsafe driving.

Leeton teenager Samantha Pianca is currently on her red p-plates. 

She said the extent the new legislation was going to was perhaps unnecessary. 

“I think on your green plates you should be able to make and answer phone calls (through blue tooth or a handset),” Sam said. 

“It’s basically the same as having a conversation with someone sitting in the car with you. 

I think you should also be allowed to use Google maps for directions, particularly if you live in the city.”

According to the state’s road toll statistics, fatal crashes involving young people rose across Australia last year to 233. 

Sam believed the biggest problem among young drivers, as well as those with an “unrestricted” licence, to be texting. 

“It’s already illegal to text while you’re driving, but I still think it’s the biggest problem,” she said. 

“I don’t know if these new laws will do anything to change it. You see people on unrestricted licences doing it all of the time as well.”


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