Agony Aunt answers your questions, November 25, 2016

DEAR Aunty,

I recently became quite by accident aware that one of my friend’s husband is having an affair with one of our mutual friends. I am close to both the women involved in this nasty little triangle.

My question to you all is how do I handle this? I feel as if I should do something. I know that only I can make the final decision but would appreciate your thoughts.

Anxious for your thoughts.


THERE is always a thought that we should stay out of these sorts of messes but I remind you of this; All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Now whether you think this behaviour is necessarily evil is irrelevant really - the behaviour is dishonest, potentially damaging and just plain wrong on all levels.

Your real issue is who do you speak to about this. I would go to the woman who is doing the cheating and advise her that you know what is going on. Try to make her see the looming disaster. It may work or it may not, you can only hope that reason and common decency may prevail. If nothing comes of this then you are in a position where you almost must tell the other friend that her husband is having an affair with your mutual friend. And I say this because when it finally does become known to others, it will also be known that you knew and did nothing.  

Would you not want to know if this was you? Please ensure before you do anything that your information is correct. 


US GUYS tend to stay out of these sorts of things and mind our own business.