Second teen alleged rape victim forced denied justice as court waits

The family of a 17-year-old alleged rape victim has joined the chorus of criticism against a criminal court system that “favours predators”.

It comes after a second teenage victim of the same alleged rapist had her day in court adjourned for the fifth time this week.

The latest Wagga girl to speak out was allegedly forced to endure horrific rapes at the hands of her uncle between the ages of three and 12. 

For legal reasons The Daily Advertiser cannot name the accused, as it may jeopardise the girl’s anonymity. 

The girl, who turned 17 earlier this week, has not been to school in five years as she claimed the accused liked to see her in school uniform and would wait across from the bus stop for her to return home.

The girl was supposed to go to trial on Tuesday, but the accused had the case adjourned because he did not have legal representation.

The girl’s mother said preparing for trial was a traumatising experience and called on the court to crack down on delaying tactics.

“These girls have to relive their nightmare to prepare for trial and then he plays the system and prolongs their agony,” the mother said.

“My daughter has post-traumatic stress disorder, severe anxiety and depression.

“We now live four hours away, so we’d put the dogs in a kennel and arranged accommodation in Wagga, then four days before the trial he claims he doesn’t have a barrister anymore.

“It’s a ploy to get out of facing court.”

On Tuesday the matter was adjourned when the accused’s solicitor – without objection by the Crown – vacated the trial date.

“Just as well he’s still locked up in jail,” the girl’s mother said.

“The judicial system is stuffed when an innocent victim gets kicked to the kerb and the predator gets all the attention.”

A new trial date will be determined on Wednesday.

A NSW District Court spokeswoman refused to “make statements on matters before the court”.