Work begins on mill

WAGGA'S biggest eyesore is about to undergo a radical transformation into the city's showpiece development within three years.

Work on the $45 million redevelopment of the Murrumbidgee Mill has just begun with excavation work clearing the site now.

The site will house a number of commercial outlets - mostly retail, coffee shops and wine bars – as well as 12 townhouses and 62 units.

The accommodation was a late addition to the pre-approved development application and now forms a significant part of the build.

There will also be a supermarket and possibly a major convention centre, subject to council approval.

Detailed plans for the units are expected to be released in the coming weeks with residents able to buy off the plans in the very near future.

There are even a limited number of penthouse units with rooftop gardens overlooking Edward Street.

“We’re trying to bring something to Wagga that hasn’t been here before,” said site OH&S officer and Wagga-born builder, Wayne Brown.

The mill has languished for years after failed attempts to sell and develop the site have seen it become the premier blight on the city.

Developing group Interlink Wagga Pty Ltd – made up of Wagga, Sydney and Chinese shareholders – has bought the site with a view to bringing an urbane edge to the city.

“There will be up to 150 people on site once we’re fully going ... we’re really getting as many local people in as we can,” Mr Brown said.

The exterior of the red-brick mill will be kept, as well as much of the internal structures as possible, which will be incorporated into the design.

The interior of the mill will include corporate offices, while there is talk of a new pub being included as well.

The old Red Lion pub will be the first building to be demolished once the site is cleared.

Accommodation real estate agent, Luke Gooden, repeated Mr Brown’s mantra that the properties will be like nothing the city has seen before.

“They are going to be state-of-the-art units and

townhouses,” he said.

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