Residents tricked by sales 'tactics'

AGGRESSIVE door-to-door salespeople are trying all the tricks in the book to trap Wagga residents into home insulation contracts, recent reports suggest.Following a report in yesterday's The Daily Advertiser, one wary Kooringal resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, contacted the paper to tell how a saleswoman knocked on his door, measured his home for insulation and gave him two quotes under two business names - Energy Choice Australia, a Sydney-based business operated by Cobra Group and Wellbeinggreen, a separate Sydney-based company that outsources its door-to-door sales to Cobra Group's marketing division.To be eligible for the Federal Government's $1200 home insulation rebate, residents are required to have two "genuinely independent quotes from two businesses on the installer provider register", according to the program's website."The lady (selling insulation) wrote out two quotes, which she said I must have to have the work done, which was just bogus because they were meant to be from different companies," the resident said. The Advertiser contacted both businesses behind the quotes. Charles Thompson, an operations manager from Wellbeinggreen, said the salesperson was providing the customer with a choice."The businesses offers two separate types of insulation, we offer batts and Energy Choice offers cellulose," he said. "Energy Choice are part of Cobra and have arrangements with us so we can give quotes for cellulose insulation too."Local insulation expert Brad Power said it wasn't the first time he'd heard of such a tactic being used. "I think it's deceptive. They're getting around a block in an easy selling technique," he said. "They're not even trying to claim they're independent businesses when they write it out on your doorstep and that rings alarm bells to me."