Codeine law changes will place pressure on local GPs

A Wagga reader said needing a prescription for products with codeine will place greater burden on our GPs.
A Wagga reader said needing a prescription for products with codeine will place greater burden on our GPs.

It’s all ok for medical practitioners to be in favour of medications containing codeine to be available only on prescription.

This will definitely result in heavier loads of work on GP’s as one doctor put it in this newspaper (February 1), but it will also bring financial benefits to them due to the extra visits required by patients needing this medication.

So how about bulk billing patients who seek codeine prescriptions for their medical conditions? 

A lot of patients cannot afford the extra visits this change will require them to do, as one anonymous patient put it in the newspaper on February 1.

Finally, why do we always allow those who choose to abuse their medication to make it harder for the ones that use their medications appropriately?

Robert Vella


Choose carefully

In reply to Catherine Pierce’s recent letter about the new trees planted in the new car park at the Base Hospital - yes there are four or five species of eucalypts, the tallest of which could well grown to over 25m.

Eucalypts are messy trees, dropping leaves, twigs and capsules all year round. Mature Eucalypts invariably produce dead sticks and limbs, that's their nature.

Moreover, the larger species can well be expected to push up the parking surface and kerbs.

Remember the Bourke Street trouble and council’s expense to fix it in 2017?

Eucalypts are ok for parks, open landscapes, large gardens but are not recommended for streets and parking lots.

Removal now would be only a fraction of the cost of future removal and is therefore strongly recommended. They should be replaced by trees which have proved to be suitable for parking lots and streets, eg Ash species (such as between Marketplace and Sturt Mall), Catalpa species (such as Forum 6 carpark), Jacaranda’s, Chinese Elms, etc.

With so much expert advice available from tree nurseries and other professionals, it is amazing that planning and species choice can be so poor.

While on the subject of the hospital’s car park, there are no shade trees at all along Edward Street up to the Heritage Motor Inn.

Drive anywhere in Wagga and try to find a shady spot for your car, none available, they’ve all been taken. Proof of the value of shade from trees.

Plea to all to whom it concerns - please plan for and select the right kind of shade trees, it is a long term investment.

Paul Bosman


Road rage

Noel Selway,  (Letters, The Daily Advertiser, February 7) complains about unfair police booking him for speeding in Wyalong.  

It does seem very unfair that an interstate car driver who was travelling at a speed he thought was appropriate was obviously sought out by the police (probably for being a Queenslander) when trucks were speeding by without any action from the said police.  

It is very clear that our policemen are operating as revenue raisers but only against interstate motorists and I can understand why Mr Selway is so upset.

He may never return to NSW because of the episode and that would indeed be a huge loss to NSW, wouldn’t it?

Graeme Callander