Wagga's Agony Aunt answers your questions

DEAR AUNTY: I am having some huge problems at work. Nobody there likes me. There are 17 of us  and I am always excluded from activities and it is like I am invisible. It cannot be that I am not pulling my weight as I am clearly the hardest and most talented worker there. What can I do to make my work environment more pleasant?

AGONY AUNT: I think the reason you have this problem is reinforced to me by a comment you make – "I am clearly the hardest and most talented worker there”. You don’t think that comment is a tad arrogant and terribly non inclusive or team oriented? I would suggest that if this is your basic attitude in life I am not surprised that you have few friends and none that you can confide in.

Nobody likes arrogance; humility is the key to life.

BOYS CLUB: Work is work. Does it really matter?