Cigarette butt ignites fire in Ashmont

A carelessly discarded cigarette butt was the cause of a small fire in Ashmont on Saturday. 

Although the blaze was quickly extinguished, firefighters said it was a timely reminder of how dangerous the smallest spark could be. 

Wagga’s Fire and Rescue NSW members rushed to McNickle Road after 2pm to find a fire had burnt through 50-square meters of dry grass. 

Station commander Jeff Edwards said the area affected was about the size of a backyard. 

“The grass is long now and we’re coming into warmer months,” Mr Edwards said.

“It doesn’t take long to catch alight.”

Despite the colder weather and the rain, he said it didn’t take much for grass to dry out.

“People need to be aware of the dangers of discarding cigarettes in any area,” Mr Edwards said. 

“It can quickly get out of control and can be a danger to the public.”