Gone fishing with Craig Harris, September 23, 2016

COD: Phil Tokley with a cod from Lake Eildon. We need your fishing pictures - send them to craig@waggamarine.com.au or 0419 493 313.

COD: Phil Tokley with a cod from Lake Eildon. We need your fishing pictures - send them to craig@waggamarine.com.au or 0419 493 313.

WHEN you think too much about something, you end up not doing it, and that’s exactly what happened to me last weekend.

I was supposed to go fishing at Lake Eildon for the WOKOORDONGEE challenge fishing competition (when I say comp it is just a friendly fishing trip between some local fishermen (and fisherwomen) and some mates (and matets) from Victoria.

I have mentioned this trip before, the NSW leg is on the Bidgee, usually around February and the VIC leg is Eildon.

I don’t know why, but I kept looking at the weather maps and then made every excuse for a reason not to go – not to the blokes I was going with, but to me - even darling wife asked why I didn’t go and, I have been kicking myself since last weekend.

I could try and blame my fishing mate Craig Ceely and say he really didn’t want to go, but that would be an untruth. No matter what in the future, if I say I’m going fishing, then that’s what I am going to do.

The WOKOORDONGEE challenge, )I have NO idea what it means or even how to say it correctly) had about 22 people in attendance on the beautiful Lake Eildon, all staying on private property (same as what happens on the Bidgee) and the challenge started on Friday.

There were a couple of fish landed, a nice yella by Dougie Charlton in the afternoon and I think one small reddy.

The weather was fine; temperature was a bit cool but otherwise sweet.

Saturday was nice up until around lunchtime and then it rained for the rest of the day. Didn’t stop the punters from fishing and Phil Tokley landed a nice 81cm cod.

Unfortunately, the Victorians landed a couple of 70cm-plus cod giving them overall bragging rights for the weekend, so the perpetual trophy is living above a bar in Mexico until February.

One thing you and I have to remember if you have fallen into this same category is the more times you say no to a trip away with your mates, the fewer times you are going to be asked.


TO STATE the obvious, there is just a little bit of water around, and this means this fishing and boating season is going to be a cracker.

To quote Michael Guest – every impoundment, river, creek, stream has had a real good flush and when the sun finally stays out, everyone who loves the water is going to be on it, or in it.

Remember, what you knew before about your favourite fishing or boating spot will be totally changed.

That favorite snag that you knew how to negotiate around at speed will be totally changed or not even be there anymore and the deep part of the river may be the shallow part.

I cannot stress enough about safety this coming season.


I HAVE been doing quite a bit of thinking and I am building a concept boat that I think will be very exciting and useful in our water ways.

It will be user-friendly and cost effective, so stay tuned for a few more little snippets here and there over the next few weeks.

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