Prince can achieve what I couldn’t: Hull

Prince Thompson in June. Picture: Les Smith

Prince Thompson in June. Picture: Les Smith

Exasperation and disappointment has been the default setting for South Wagga coach Andrew Hull in 2016.

And so, after three years in the job, he’s hanging up the clipboard.

Class player Prince Thompson will fill Hull’s role.

“He has a very high commitment level when it comes to training and games,” Hull said.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s pissing down rain, he’s always there.

“He’ll be a good leader.”

A lack of commitment from players was the crux of Hull’s frustrations.

Hull trusts that Thompson will lead by example.

“He believes if you’re not committed to the game, you shouldn’t be playing,” he said.

“Even if he’s injured, he’s always at training.

“He tells me all the time soccer’s his bread and butter.”

Despite the tough season, Hull leaves on a positive note.

Led by Hull, the squad, thrust into first-grade, were wooden spooners in 2014 and sixth from 10 in 2015.

For Hull, the most special moment came as his squad won the Pascoe Plate grand final 6-2 on Saturday.

“It was really something,” he said.

“I’m pretty happy with what I’ve achieved.

“A good year’s break will do me well, and having a fresh face as coach may improve the guys.

“I feel I couldn't coach the guys to the top four, maybe someone else can do it.”

Hull’s most proud of the family he’s been a part of creating at South Wagga.

“We’re a club, a team, a home,” he said.

“We love South Wagga for their hospitality.

“The players feel comfortable and welcome.”

Hull will take on a managerial position to assist Thompson, who will play in 2017.

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