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Today, there are various systems that you can open with your smartphone.

To feel safe at home means peace of mind, and today there are more options than a barking dog (though they are a fantastic choice). There are multiple layers you can add to your home security, and the first of these is a lock and key.

Locked up

Since at least the late 1700s, an immense number of locks have hit the market, and they don't all use a traditional lock and key.

Today, various systems have pin pads and locks that you can open with your smartphone.

Be alarmed

Technology in the 1980s meant a rapid increase in affordability and simplicity for basic alarms.

Some options include back-to-base monitoring by a security company, and they can be connected to an app on a smart device to tell you when a breach is detected.

Candid cameras

It took a long time before cameras became small and cheap enough to use as yet another layer of home security.

Now, with tiny digital cameras installed by an expert, you can view them with your smart device. They can be very well hidden to prevent tampering too.

Some can see in infrared (helpful at night), and as much can be recorded and kept as you wish.

Patrol systems

You might want a security patrol to monitor the address of a vulnerable relative who is actually home most of the time. These patrols can also be the very same business that does the back-to-base monitoring for you and can probably install such a system, to begin with. If these patrols do detect or encounter an intruder, the police are called immediately, and all evidence (i.e. security footage) is collated for them.

Be guarded

Each holiday period, police remind us not to advertise our lack of presence at home via social media or other networks. This goes not just for you but also for your partner and kids. Other old but effective tricks include having a trusted neighbour take your bins in and out. It may also be helpful for them to know that any noises they hear from your place are not you (so they can call the police if needed).

Security options get simpler and cheaper all the time so check them out regularly. In the meantime, that dog is a good option.