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Forum 6 Cinema and Clarks Automotive present A Midnight Dream

Love always finds a way, even when in your dreams.

When your Daddy won't let you hook up with the guy you love then what y'all do?

Run off into the woods of course.

But we all know that the woods are full of wayward critters who delight in using magic to complicate matters of the heart.

So Hermia and her beau, Lysander, learn that the course of true love never runs smooth and in the woods it can get downright bumpy.

Shakespeare's beloved romantic comedy gets a musical twist with banjos and guitars.

Not only is this show a farcical spin on the trials and tribulations of love, but it is also a comical celebration of making theatre.

This play is being presented by the Wagga School of Arts, SoACT, and written by Stephen Roots and he has also composed the musical score.

Before Stephen retired to Wagga Wagga in 2019, he was, for 35 years, a theatre-maker at international high schools in London, Istanbul and Luanda, Angola.

He has been writing and directing musicals and plays for community and school groups since he was 25.

Wagga School of Arts...SoACT has provided him with the opportunity to continue his love of theatre -making for which he is grateful.

He adapted and directed The Vicar of Dibley in 2020 and last year he performed in Hooley in the Highlands, Death and the Maiden and Red, Hot and Cole.

A Midnight Dream Cast

  • Rebecca Foster
  • Lynden Clark
  • Rohan Cummins
  • Carter Cummins
  • Elly Zacharia
  • Stewart McDonald
  • Eleanor Waters- Jones
  • Barbara Landrigan
  • Harry Nixon
  • Susan Pottie
  • Antonella Salvestro
  • Blayke Thomas
  • Tony Trench
  • Ashley Veigel
  • Fiona Ziff
  • Matt Anderson
  • Jordan, Endean
  • Logan Franklin
  • Anna Swift
  • Michele Hemmings
  • Julia Erwin

A Midnight Dream has the most exciting range of costumes seen on stage for some time with the designer Tania Jobson from Studio Tanjo based in Canberra.

Tania has designed each character's costume with the fine eye of a couturier, giving the production an amazing eye-catching image that will captivate audiences.

Choreography has been developed by Lily Jenkins and Felix Hadler is the intern director.

A Midnight Dream will run from April 22 to May 1 at the CSU Riverina Playhouse.