Students on TRAC to success despite global pandemic

Leaders: (L to R) Caitlin Rodham (Vice-Captain), Holly Wilson (Captain), George Kirolus (Captain) and Inigo Bardos (Vice-Captain). Photo: Supplied
Leaders: (L to R) Caitlin Rodham (Vice-Captain), Holly Wilson (Captain), George Kirolus (Captain) and Inigo Bardos (Vice-Captain). Photo: Supplied

Like the majority of NSW schools, students at The Riverina Anglican College have faced an unparalleled level of uncertainty and adversity throughout the final two years of their study.

Ordinarily, these final years of study are filled with hard work, celebration, remembrance, community-building events, and the satisfaction of marking the end of 13 years of study. While the College has been able to provide these opportunities in a restricted fashion, the impact of COVID is evident.

However, despite the challenging circumstances, our students are leaving the College with a sense of fondness for the community, purpose for their future, kindness for others and the skills required to be successful outside of the College grounds.

The sense of resilience students have displayed is a testament to their innovation and capacity to learn. Our College wellbeing initiatives aim to support the development of wellbeing skills and challenge the students to develop a strong sense of self. The flexible learning approach for online learning supported student self-directed learning, encouraging responsible learning practices to improve student growth. Studying for the HSC and IB is a strenuous task no matter the circumstances. COVID has compounded these stressors for our students. The community, and in particular our Year 12 cohort, have demonstrated a high level of flexibility and fortitude in coping with the uncertainty of consistently changing restrictions, and the limitations these have placed on learning.

In spite of these challenging times, our students have continued to persevere with their studies, engage confidently with their teachers, and to reach with both hands for their goals. In the lead up to their HSC and IB examinations, the students have not waivered from their commitment to achieve their best. The lasting impression that they have left on the College is one of determination and adaptability in the face of adversity. We are encouraged to know our students have taken every opportunity provided to not only grow in their character, but to also leave a positive legacy on the rest of our student body.