Riverina Solar & Pressure Cleaning will ensure your panels are sparkling clean

When was the last time you thought about having your solar panels professionally cleaned?

In high wind and dust zones of the Riverina panels need cleaning every six months while some residential areas can be cleaned every 12 months to maintain efficiency.

"Cleaning your solar panels is very important," co-owner of Riverina Solar & Pressure Cleaning Will Cartwright said.

"Over time the conducting surface of the solar panels can become covered with a wide range of things for example dirt, dust, moss, grime, bird droppings and even bee droppings.

"All these things can block out partitional sun rays, reducing product efficiency and effectiveness."

Regular cleaning will have panels looking immaculate while also providing effective savings and efficient power output.

The team at Riverina Solar & Pressure Cleaning can take the hassle out of cleaning solar panels for home owners and business owners alike.

"Our team uses a filtration system on our water that creates zero spots, zero streaks, and a shiny finish," co-owner Jamie Moroney said.

"As well as that our brushes used have special heads on them that prevent scratching on the panels, plus we are able to reach almost all areas where homeowners would have to put themselves in danger to reach some."

Riverina Solar & Pressure Cleaning is new to the area with the team excited to cater to all their client's solar cleaning and pressure cleaning needs.

According to CSIRO one-in-four Australian homes have solar panels with that number expected to increase in the future. It was this fact that got Will thinking about how those panels would be cleaned.

"I saw an opportunity and asked myself what problems could solar panel owners have?

"I quickly realised that consumers who purchase solar panels don't always maintain their investment resulting in lower efficiency of power output and savings," Will said.

"This resulted in the idea of professionally cleaning the panels.

"I approached my longtime friend Jamie and asked what he thought and he jumped at the idea.

"From that day we committed to creating what we have today, Riverina Solar & Pressure Cleaning.

"We are overwhelmed with the support we are receiving.

"We offer a range of services alongside solar panel cleaning and hope to see Riverina Solar and Pressure Cleaning become a highly recognised and sought-after service.

"We look forward to servicing the area for many years to come."

Contact Riverina Solar & Pressure Cleaning on 0423 572 201 (call or text) or message them on Facebook.