Woman rescued near Illabo after flash floods swamped car

A WOMAN was rescued from her stalled car near Illabo yesterday morning as water from flash flooding caused by more than 100 millimetres of rain crept up towards the vehicle's windows.Members of the Junee Rescue Squad plucked the woman out of danger from the Olympic Highway about 12 kilometres north of Junee.The highway was one of a large number of regional roads that were closed temporarily because of flooding yesterday.The Newell Highway between Mirrool and Beckom was expected to be closed until late yesterday afternoon.Parts of the region received a huge dumping of rain between Wednesday night and yesterday morning.There were reports of up to 130mm of rain falling at Muttama and 150mm at Rosehill, between Cootamundra and Jugiong.The Muttama Road, between Cootamundra and Coolac, still had half a metre of water over the road at one section at 11am.Temora's official rainfall was 106mm, but deputy mayor Rick Firman said the rain gauge at the rear of his Hoskins Street shop contained 113mm."At least there is something to measure, because I have emptied a lot of dust out of it in recent years," councillor Firman said."It's an inconvenience for some, but at the end of the day we have to be mindful we have had about 10 years of drought and we are not nearly as bad off as the people of Queensland."Wagga received 63mm, taking the monthly total so far to 72.4mm. February's average rainfall is 39.7mm. More rain is forecast for the next few days, but daily totals for most of the Riverina are expected to be less than 10mm.