Education Week celebrates NSW public education

Education Week is an annual celebration of NSW public education and the achievements of our schools, students and education system.

This year Education Week runs from Monday July 26 to Friday July 30 July.

This year's theme is "Lifelong learners" and celebrates education as a lifelong journey from before a child enters an early childhood setting, progressing to primary and secondary school, and continuing their learning journey into adulthood; learning a trade, entering tertiary education, or the workforce.

This theme reflects an incredible year for our local public school students, staff and parents, and the partnerships that have been strengthened in response.

This Education Week, we embrace the whole NSW public education community, highlighting the achievements of local schools and the role of public schools in supporting lifelong learning.

During Education Week we celebrate lifelong learning with our students, parents, teachers, schools and the community.

Education is a lifelong journey, continuous learning is critical for success throughout life and everyone can be a lifelong learner.

"Our local public schools are developing lifelong learners and our education system is available for a lifetime," Wagga Network educational leadership director Jenene McGrath said.

"From the first days in child care to post-school pathways, our local schools are preparing young people to be agile thinkers and lifelong learners."

Learning can look different for individual students and local public schools are equipped to provide learning support for all of our students.

Learning also takes place beyond the classroom.

"Our schools provide a wide range of learning opportunities that support the academic, sporting, cultural and wellbeing growth of all of our students," Jenene said.

This year local Education Week celebrations will include online events, in-school celebrations with students and staff and static displays in the Wagga Market Place.

Ask your school how they plan to celebrate or go to their social media for more information.