We say: Celebrating mothers from all family units

Our mothers work tirelessly in the backgrounds each day of our lives to ensure we are clothed, fed, supported and loved.

They have helped mend our broken hearts or broken bones, forced us to try different experiences and foods, listened when we ranted or asked for help and generally put themselves after each of us.

Strong women, and not just mothers, should be celebrated on Mother’s Day.

It’s the network of women in our families and friendship circles that we often draw our strength and inspiration from. 

It’s a day to take the time away from cooking, cleaning, homework, projects, gardening and planning to truly appreciate those women who make our lives easier.

Mothers carry a bulk of the load but those around her allow her to operate as she does.

Mothers, wives, aunts, Godmothers and nannas will be waiting patiently in bed for a breakfast of coffee and toast with vegemite that doesn’t quite reach the edges, for handmade gifts picked from the school stall or artwork lovingly and messily created.

And each present and gesture will be cherished (and stored in a box in the garage for years to come).

But sometimes, males take on these roles out of choice or necessity so Mother’s Day is for them too.

It’s for the men who bake cakes and biscuits for school or sew a dancing costume or sit on tiny chairs for a tea party.

We should take time out of every day, week or month to thank our mothers or mother figures.

And also take a bit of time to support those who have lost a child or mother or who may recently have become a single mother.

This day can be one of reflection and sadness on what was or could have been.

Mother’s Day is also a time to honour foster mums or family members, such as grandparents, who assume the role of full-time carers for children.

They do just as much for a child’s development, wellbeing and nourishment as what ‘conventional’ mothers do.

Because these days, there’s no such thing as a conventional mother, just as the same rings true for dads.

What works for one family, doesn’t work or isn’t possible for another.

Every family unit is different and Mother’s Day and Father’s Day should be dedicated to celebrating the people who fill those roles within that unit.


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