Cash and family heirloom stolen during Bourkelands break-in

A couple have been left traumatised after they returned to their Wagga home to find it had been ransacked. 

Janine McBeath said she headed home about 3.30pm on Friday to find her power had been turned off and her Bourkelands home had been broken into. 

A small amount of Australian, Moroccan and Egyptian cash was stolen and other items ranging from an irreplaceable family heirloom to a bottle of water.  

“It was terrifying and it’s certainly changed our lives,” she said. 

“My husband didn’t want to leave the house on the weekend because he was in full guard dog mode, it’s made us both nervous.

“It’s scary to think someone might’ve been watching.” 

Mrs McBeath said when asking around the area they discovered their neighbour woke on Friday night to find her front door was open and the power had been turned off. 

“Every time I step in the door I have a flashback of the chaos – it’s almost a bit of PTSD,” she said. 

“It was such a shock to arrive home to that, I didn’t know what to think or do.

“A series of coins which were to be given to each of the grandchildren was gone, which is pretty disappointing.”

Mrs McBeath believes the thieves were searching for money and drugs, due to the areas they looked in. 

Wagga police Chief Inspector Andrew Spliet said enquiries were ongoing. 

“The scene was examined by police and a canvass conducted,” he said. 

“A small amount of cash was stolen.”