Bigger might be better, but smaller can be great too

Did you manage to catch any of the Fitz Live performances over the weekend?

If you didn’t, I can tell you the verdict on Wagga’s first attempt at a micro music festival was overwhelmingly positive.

The idea was remarkably simple: Get a bunch of musicians into the different businesses around Fitzmaurice Street and get them to perform.

Each venue showcased a different type of performance and provided an intimate, and occasionally unusual, setting.

What a ripper of an idea.

We have lots of interesting businesses housed in awesome old buildings in that part of the city, and a wealth of musical talent to enlist, so mixing the two has proved to be a hit.

As with any first-time event, there would have been kinks that will be ironed out before the next Fitz Live in May.

But isn’t it heartening to see events like this happening?

Isn’t it great to be able to look at the “what’s on” page of The DA and be presented with lots of options for a weekend of activity?

Almost every weekend – at least once we navigate the dead zone that is the summer holidays – it is possible to get out and enjoy something about our city.

Firstly, we need to commend anyone who is willing to get in and organise a event for the city. It’s a lot of work.

Secondly, isn’t it heartening to see so many residents rewarding this work by turning out and supporting events?

There seems to be a growing number of “micro” events around the city, and it’s a great idea.

Individual events may be small, but there is a cumulative effect, and it’s positive.

There is a snowballing of enthusiasm. One small but successful event will have visitors looking forward to the next one.

An event then falls into a positive cycle of visitor numbers attracting more people to take part, which attracts more people, and on it goes.

The result is a steady cheerful hum.

We make not have the huge hit of a solitary big festival, but a steady roll of more modest events is going keep the city ticking along.

We have so much in this city that makes it ideal as a venue for events, from the plentiful supply of hotels to an impressive – and growing – array of places to eat.

Those of us who live in Wagga know what great facilities we’ve got –  from museum and galleries to the picturesque river.

We all know it’s a good place to live, but it’s also a great place to have fun.

Everyone loves a big event,  but there is also real value in something smaller: A chance to kick back, chat with friends, enjoy food and listen to some music, watch a live performance or enjoy a smaller display.

These are the kind of events that will appeal to residents almost as much as visitors, so what’s not to love?

Most communities welcome tourists – and rightly so – but they are not the only people who are going to be at event like Fitz Live.

You can imagine just how many groups of mates from Wagga decided to check out the music – or the food – at one of the Fitzmaurice Street venues over the weekend.

Wagga is a great place to live and events like Fitz Live are exactly what we need to strike the balance between attracting visitors and providing lots of great opportunities for residents to enjoy everything our city offers.

Jody Lindbeck