Wagga's Sunday maximum is heading for a predicted 37 degrees

Remember when the the Bureau of Meteorology predicted Wagga was going to have an autumn that was warmer and drier than average?

They were not kidding.

The city is heading for a hot weekend, with a predicted top of 35 degrees on Saturday and a sweltering 37 degrees on Sunday.

If Sunday hits that peak, it will be almost a full 10 degrees above the usual March average maximum of 27.7 degrees.

But, says, Nigel Smedley from the bureau’s Wagga office, 37 degrees might be hot, but it won't be a March record-breaker.

Back in 1983 – on March 7 – Wagga recorded a top of 39.5 degrees.

Mr Smedley said the higher-than-average temperatures were due to a combination of stable weather and north-westerly winds pulling air from central Australia.

That prediction for warmer and drier weather will also see less-than-average rainfalls between March and May, Mr Smedley said.