We say: Everyone has an opinion on Lake Albert

Wagga, you sure are an opinionated bunch.

And we are quite thankful for that.

Residents so deeply involved in their community and its assets, it’s a wonderful thing to be a part of.

And the latest controversy/issue at the forefront of people’s minds is Lake Albert.

It was revealed last week that the lake, which has been closed for months because of an outbreak of blue-green algae, has taken on a pea soup consistency near the Boat Club.

The algae is so thick it looks like a tin of paint has been dumped in it and residue lines the shore where it washes up.

Council workers have been busy trying to fix the problem, such as suggesting diverting storm water to increase the lake levels and therefore reduce the risk of algal bloom, but it seems as though residents have their own solutions.

Residents are lamenting of a summer spent on Lake Albert like it wasn’t only three months ago that you were allowed in the water.

But what’s a Wagga summer without access to Lake Albert?

And even if you were content to sit on the shoreline, the current stench would make you think twice.

So what solutions have residents conjured up?

They range from the practical, such as dredging the lake, a notion councillor Kerry Pascoe said was a rumour even though residents are convinced this idea was touted years ago.

Some are hilarious, such as filling the lake with chemicals from the pool shop.

Mainly, people just think the lake needs to be stirred up with pumps and water fountains.

It’s easy to sit back and say to drain the lake or stir it up but practically and financially, it doesn’t work like that.

Have you ever tried to get the chemical balance of a swimming pool right?

It takes a lot of testing and trial and error and can be weeks before you restore balance.

Imagine that but on a much larger scale. 

Of course there will be setbacks.

But enough is enough, the city wants its lake back.

If not, and if you can stand the smell, it might make a nice gathering place to get into the Irish spirit for St Patrick’s Day.

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