Violent Tolland brawls prompt Department of Family and Community Services and police meeting


A series of violent Tolland street brawls has prompted a meeting between the Department of Family and Community Services and police to finally put a stop to crime at Toy Place. 

It comes after one resident revealed he was fleeing the vicinity in fear after three major fights since November, with some involving various weapons and children as young as six. 

Chief Inspector Andrew Spliet said Wagga police were still seeking 11 people involved in brawls which broke out at Glenfield Park on and Toy Place in the past week. 

“Tolland has a lot of hardworking people there who are doing their very best for the community but there’s a small number who want to act this way,” he said. 

“They’re the ones we’ll be working with other agencies with and be putting before the court.”  

The resident, who did not wish to be named out of fear of retribution, said all of the incidents have involved the same sets of families arising from “social problems”. 

A spokesperson for the Department of Family and Community Services, who was aware of the recent Tolland incident, said they would take action against any tenants who police find to have committed antisocial behaviour.

“FACS is working closely with police and local residents to address concerns and ensure the safety of tenants,” he said. 

“FACS takes anti-social behaviour and illegal behaviour seriously and will seek to terminate the tenancy of anyone found guilty of serious illegal behaviour, including acts of violence against other tenants or neighbours.” 

Chief Inspector Spliet said police would work with FACS, housing and education to create some strategies to combat the fights. 

“It’s not a pleasant thing to have children there – what sort of example are they (the adults involved) sending to kids and the general community?” he said. 

“We’re putting a lot of resources into locating these people and working with agencies to see if we can get a resolution.” 

Chief Inspector Spliet revealed police were searching for a number of people involved who weren’t Wagga residents. 

“If people are having people from other areas they need to be responsible for them,” he said. 

Several videos were captured by witnesses at the scene that Chief Inspector Spliet said would be used as an “integral” part of evidence when the case is put before the courts. 

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