You say: Hospital name is a reflection of its services

One reader said the hospital's current name is an accurate reflection of its services and should be left alone.
One reader said the hospital's current name is an accurate reflection of its services and should be left alone.

Catherine Pierce has asked if the polled people saying the name should be changed back to Wagga Base are wrong. Yes. It's that simple. They are unquestionably wrong. It is not a base hospital. Those words aren't just names, they're classifications. It tells people both what services to expect and the nature of work being done there. You and the other supposed 80 per cent of people polled are simply wrong in saying it should be called Base. That is not what the hospital is any longer. Hence, the expensive name change to reflect reality.

You are wasting time, wasting resources and causing a situation of deliberate misinformation. Did you complain the original name change was a waste of money? Why would you endeavour to waste more on something that is actually demonstrably wrong? As for what I'm doing for the betterment of the hospital, I'm informing people I meet and know that our hospital isn't a base hospital. It is a referral hospital. There is a distinct difference. This would save all the money you are proposing we waste putting it back.

This is not something that is supposed go to petitions or public vote. It is simply a fact. The hospital is a Rural Referral Hospital. To call it anything else is roughly equivalent to petitioning it be called "Hospital McBaseface" and is exactly the same amount of wasted time, effort and money if it went through.

Phil Boyd, Wagga

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Educating Republicans 

In reply to article by John Warhurst (former chairman of the Australian Republican Movement) entitled “Republicans need to learn from failures”. I would add “Republicans need to lean to take NO for an answer”

It isn’t that long ago that an overwhelming majority of Australians voted no to changing our constitution.

The idea of changing to a republic is purely an idea in the mind, it will not change:-

  • Standard of life
  • Our economy
  • Health
  • Employment
  • Climate

On the other hand it will cost

  • Millions of dollars to change all the stationery
  • Much uncertainty and insecurity
  • Abolishment of tried and trusted systems of government

You, vocal minority, stop bullying the by far greater majority, trying to force on us an idea in your head, an insecure system we don’t want. Enough said.

Paul Bosman


Congratulations, council

It is not often that our council is praised for what it does. I write to appreciate the entertaining, well-organised and very pleasant evening to mark Valentine’s Day. I have never been in favour of that day but I did enjoy the offerings available at the council chambers on February 14. Just sitting listening to good music in the library and catching up with friends was very pleasant.

All of the council staff present did an outstanding job and I am sure that everyone who attended, whether to see the Bald Archys or the other exhibitions, had a very pleasant time. Local government is not only about roads, rates and rubbish. This recent event is about enriching life for residents .Thank you WWCC!

Mary Kidson