Bureau of Meteorology says Wagga's autumn temperatures will be 'above average'.

Nigel Smedley from the Bureau of Meteorology at Wagga.
Nigel Smedley from the Bureau of Meteorology at Wagga.

Mother Nature is promising sunny skies for Sunday’s World Championship Gumi Race, as a “warmer and drier” autumn heads Wagga’s way.

Earlier predictions of a wetter than average February have now been revised, with the additional days of cloudy skies no longer on the cards.

Instead, at the halfway point of the month, February is yet to record any rainfall, after January delivered slightly higher than average falls.

The Wagga Bureau of Meteorology’s Nigel Smedley said an update issued on Thursday was predicting warmer than average temperatures for both the days and nights of autumn.

Those warmer autumn days are also predicted to be slightly drier than average, Mr Smedley said, with the rainfall between March and May likely to be below usual falls.

Peter Matthews, a technical specialist in grain services at the Department of Primary Industries at Wagga, said at this stage, the predictions of drier than average weather were not particularly concerning for farmers.

Mr Matthews said some of the region’s farmers had recorded rainfall during storms, but others had received none.

By mid-March, farmers would be looking for rain ahead of cereal crop sowing, he said.

The biggest issue currently for many farmers was that they were needing to hand-feed stock because of a shortage of feed in paddocks.

Bradley Stewart from the Rural Fire Service said the approach of autumn did not mean people could ignore warnings about bushfires.