Valentine's Day should celebrate relationships, not just romantic ones

Our lives can get so busy with careers, family, education and sporting events that sometimes we forget what’s important.

We love our families, friends and partners but often in the hustle and bustle, we forget to show or tell them that.

Of course, there is the argument that there shouldn’t be one day of the year that we are forced to be romantic or go on a date.

That love should be shown and celebrated every day without the pressure to spend hundreds of dollars to do so.

But Valentine’s Day should be seen for what it is, a reminder to take the time to slow down, appreciate your significant other and foster the relationships that mean the most to you.

It doesn’t have to be filled with cliche flowers, chocolates and giant teddy bears and it’s definitely not about how much money you spend.

In a day that is normally slammed for being too commercial, is it too much to ask that we just go back to basics and use this day to celebrate love in all forms?

The same-sex marriage bill was passed recently, giving the community more reason than ever to celebrate love and the many colourful forms that it comes in.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to spell disaster for single men and women across the city.

Girls don’t need to lock themselves away with a tub of ice cream and watch Love Actually for the 19th time.

It is not a reason to lament your lack of significant other but rather a time to celebrate the relationships you do have.

A lot of single women are opting to celebrating ‘Galentine’s Day’, a bonding day between them and their female friends.

And why not?

Our friendships are some of the most important, and long-lasting, relationships we will have so why not show them a little love?

Restaurants are offering a range of meal deals or food specials while multiple dating and speed dating events have popped up for those who want to try their hand at finding the real deal.

There is plenty to do and see in Wagga, catering to all budgets and levels of scepticism. 

Reveal the crush you’ve been hiding for years.

Tell your special someone you love.

Reconnect with friends and family.

So be spontaneous and romantic, Wagga.


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