Council paints over indigenous art mural on Fitzmaurice Street, Eastern Riverina Arts to seek new design

Eastern Riverina Arts has advised Wagga residents of its intent to commission a new mural after Wagga City Council painted over the renown Fitzmaurice Street mural.

A grey undercoat and two coats of red paint were applied to the mural on Friday morning, surprising residents and drawing ire on social media.

However, Easter Riverina Arts executive director Scott Howie and Wagga City Council community director Janice Summerhayes said the project had been discussed and a resolution had been made.

“Council liaised with the property owner as well as Eastern Riverina Arts in the lead up to the end of the mural’s lifespan,” Ms Summerhayes said.

Mr Howie said steps would be taken to commission a new mural in that space but cautioned the process could take time.

“I’ve been aware for a number of years this would be painted over and that when the opportunity arose, we would look at a way of working towards a new artwork,” he said.