Daily Advertiser letters to the editor: January 15, 2018

Readers are eager to see a solution to the lake's algae problem, which has one suggesting it's as simple as keeping the water moving. Write in and tell us what you think.
Readers are eager to see a solution to the lake's algae problem, which has one suggesting it's as simple as keeping the water moving. Write in and tell us what you think.

Keep it simple, council

What does Lake Albert and a bucket of water standing in the sun have in common?

The bucket of water goes green and sludgy, just like Lake Albert. Why you ask? Simple, because the water in the bucket is still. Just like the lake. Put a pump in the bucket and turn it on, the water moves and is never still enough to allow anything to stagnate.

How about Wagga City Council apply the “K.I.S.S” method to the lake: “Keep it simple, stupid”. Make the water move! Put in place some pumps, water wheels, water slides, water spouts that use and circulate the water. The lake is and has been a focal point to tourists and users for many years.

Why not use a simple method to stop the algae menace that resurfaces every summer! You don’t find the problem in rivers.

CJ Buckland, Wagga

Republicans ‘a risk’

Are we really that surprised to see on TV the republicans on the march (yet again) peddling their ‘cause’?

It has always been PM Turnbull’s ‘dream’ to see himself in this supreme position of authority, having already been ruling the Australian people under the politically correct rule of thumb.

Mark my words from hereon in: Having fooled the electorate and won on the ‘yes’ vote with a plebiscite fiasco (not legally binding) there’s nothing to stop this government (of both persuasions) to force a republic on the people in the same way.

Once having gained this it leaves the door wide open to the changing of our flag. Australia Day, Anzac Day, our history and our Christian nation (our heritage values) all under the guise ‘that our nation can go it alone’ without Britain. From hereon in we will be inundated with the royal family’s ‘wrong doings’ in an endeavour to discredit them as another reason to get rid of them.

Already Prince Phillip had a mention on the news about a comment he made. Had anyone else done so it would have been considered of not worthy of a mention. All these subtle things are done in the lead up to forcing Australia into becoming a republic.

The pip squeak leader in North Korea holding the world to ransom under the threat of nuclear war with his reign of communism is a classic example and an ever present reminder where we are heading just “too blind to see it”.

Wake up Australia, we are losing our original identity.

Yvonne Rance, Griffith

A realist, not a Greenie

Electricity consumers up with the ‘power play game’ realise that baseload coal power generation is coming to an end. As consumers in Australia are continually squeezed due to ever-increasing electricity prices, they are realising the way to combat this is to install solar generation with many consumers installing battery storage.

On a regular basis the media reports about large scale commercial solar installations coming on stream. Investors ahead of the electricity ‘power play game’ have jumped ship, leaving the dinosaurs behind.

It doesn’t take Einstein to work out that electricity generators producing electricity from coal, really are living on borrowed time. It may be an opportune time to look at your share porfolio. Might I add, any supplier providing a service/product, can squeeze consumers for a certain amount of time before they walk with their pockets.

And I am not a Greenie, just a consumer looking at reality.

David Beard, Rutherglen


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