Stall holders thrive at Mates Gully Produce Market

For Wagga business owner Fiona Durman – going from childcare to textiles was a huge leap of faith. 

But it’s one that paid off. 

Ashculme Textiles all started with an alpaca and a passion for craft. 

“I had been doing childcare for about 20 years but I got into textiles after I brought some alpacas and I wanted them to earn their keep,” Ms Durman said. 

“The development was spontaneous and I never dreamed of where it would go.” 

Ms Durman said she encouraged others thinking of a career change to take the leap. 

“I love sharing it in classes with the kids, It just evolves,” she said. 

“I had my own business before and was working from home so I’m used to being self motivated but the change was fantastic.” 

On Saturday she spent the day selling to customers at the Mates Gully Produce Market, which she has frequented since starting her business two years ago. 

“All the markets are very different – this is a very, relaxed friendly one with a lot of regular customers,” she said. 

“It’s just a lovely atmosphere.”

While Ms Durman also operates out of her website and a studio at Lake Albert, she said a bulk of her business still comes from traditional markets. 

Ms Durman wasn’t the only passionate stall holder, with Pure Raw Honey owner Gary Burgess attending most weeks.

Mr Burgess started his venture more than give years ago with one hive which has now grown to 30 odd. 

“I think it’s important for people to have the raw honey instead of heat treated,” he said. 

“Woolworths have to use the heat because of the bulk amount but I don’t. 

“I think local honey is getting more popular.” 

The Mates Gully Produce Market will be held each Saturday from 9.30am to 12pm, until June 30 at the Mates Gully Cafe on Morrow Street.