Agony Aunt answers your questions, January 13

Dear AA: I hope your Boys Club don’t ridicule me. I have a small problem, I have two men in my life who I cannot decide between. Both men want to marry me. I love both in different ways.

Neither man knows of the others’ existence, but I am being pressured by both to give an answer to their proposal. I don't know how I got into this mess but need your advice on how to get out of it.

NEED ADVICE?: Send your conundrums to

NEED ADVICE?: Send your conundrums to

AGONY AUNT: I would suggest you got into this mess by being a dishonest person. How could you have two men on a string to this degree and at any stage think it could turn out well?

What sort of woman are you? Not to be castigated for being sexist but this is usually behaviour we see and criticise in the male species.

Explain to both men that you are not able to commit to either. I would suggest total honesty but you are obviously not remotely capable of it.

Then get yourself a damn good therapist.

BOYS CLUB: No need for us to ridicule you. You’ve said it for us.