Wagga City Library: what’s on Epic tales at the library

At the library, we’ve hit the ground running in 2018. Every day in the school holidays you can find families enjoying craft, puzzles and board games in the downstairs Children’s Area.

STAGE CALLING: The Epic production will soon be on show courtesy of the Wagga Wagga City Library and Civic Theatre. Photo: JAMIE BREEN

STAGE CALLING: The Epic production will soon be on show courtesy of the Wagga Wagga City Library and Civic Theatre. Photo: JAMIE BREEN

The Language Café is back, helping Wagga residents improve their conversational English, and tickets are selling well for the visiting award-winning group of roots musicians, The Vegetable Plot.

If you want to catch the group on its radical mission to get kids to fall in love with vegetables, you have only a few days before they perform on January 18, so check the library’s events webpage for details.

Another exciting performance will be happening on April 28, and tickets have just gone on sale, so we are not wasting time inviting lovers of great storytelling to a unique theatrical event.

The Epic, written and performed by Finn O'Branagáin and Scott Sandwich, and presented by the Wagga Wagga City Library and Civic Theatre, will transform the downstairs area into a pop-up theatre, springing into life among the books and epic tales that have inspired the play.

Finn and Scott take the audience on a journey of the imagination from the cradle of civilisation to the story of the wooden horse, with heroes ranging from Gilgamesh to Vin Diesel. The play lovingly takes the stories you think you know and asks them to tell us another.

The Epic is slam poetry without too much earnestness, it’s storytelling without being condescending. It’s all the best bits out of our historical literature libraries mixed in with little bits of pop culture. 

The Epic is a comparative studies lecture if the teachers wanted to re-enact everything with wide eyes and flailing arms. It’s a political discussion about cultural appropriation and ownership that isn’t pointing fingers.

Dash back to the beginning as Finn and Scott retell and unpick myths, epic texts and really good stories from around the globe. There's something for everyone in this sparky adventure through time.

Some of the stories are outrageous, some are freaky, all of them are “epic”: these are amazing and strange stories you will be sharing long after the show.

Anyone who attended the special event Drinking with Jane Austen in 2015 is highly encouraged to book tickets for this similarly stimulating mix of erudition, irreverence, literature and performance.

All tickets are $30, and can be purchased at http://bit.ly/the_epic_wagga

As always, you can find details for any events at the library by visiting the Events webpage, following us on facebook, phoning 6926 9700, or speaking with any of our staff in person.