You say: War of words continues over animal welfare

More hot weather is damaging our planet. One reader urges others not to help the demise.
More hot weather is damaging our planet. One reader urges others not to help the demise.

Geoff Burrows (Plants have feelings too, January 10) writes about his concern for plants and the fact that they might suffer when we eat them.

If he is genuinely concerned about plants I suggest he immediately switch to a vegan diet because - if plants do suffer - he would be causing additional pain by eating meat, eggs and dairy.

This is because farmed animals eat plants throughout their entire lifetime, thus, if we eat animal products we are responsible for the suffering, not only of the plants we eat, but also the suffering of every plant ever eaten by these animals.

Jenny Moxham


The heat is on

The Bureau of Meteorology’s annual report showed Australia posted its third warmest year on record in 2017, with NSW enduring its hottest year since records began.

NSW is now experiencing climate disruption with more heatwaves, bushfires and rising sea levels on the way.

There is clear evidence that changes in our climate are happening more quickly than previously thought and there is increased urgency for climate action.

The recent heatwave is what our future feels like if we don't stop burning coal and move rapidly to 100 per cent renewable energy. 

We’ve seen this State Government move rapidly and decisively when it’s acting in its own interest to build a new motorway or privatise yet another state asset.

Now we need the same sense of urgency and purpose to restore a safe climate.

Justine Fields

Greens MP

Industry should be commended

As a pharmacy assistant I can quite confidently say that the management and sale of codeine is handled quite well in the industry. 

A driver’s licence is required and many questions are asked of our patients.

The licence is then recorded on a national database and it is up to the pharmacist (depending on previous purchase history) whether the sale of codeine can go through. 

We also offer alternative medication or therapies and always say go to the doctor if pain persists. 

If we are to talk about other medications that need to be more regulated and controlled it would be asthma puffers that can be bought over the counter. 

The amount of people that buy asthma inhalers without an asthma plan from their doctor is on the rise and most often than not these medications are also being abused and used incorrectly. 

Common sense should prevail over the sale of codeine because not everyone is able to access a doctor on the day when a migraine may strike or their back goes out.

R. Porter


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