Council responds to dirty needles found in Wagga parks

Council have reassured the Wagga residents they are focused on preventing the dumping of dirty needles.

It comes after parents took to social media to share their disgust, upon finding needles in public parks this week. 

Council’s Environmental Health Coordinator Sharomi Dayanand said council had installed three sharps disposal bins at parks across the city that were available 24-seven. 

The total 19 drop-off points can be found HERE.

Ms Dayanand said this was in addition to a public awareness campaign, launched last year. 

While Ms Dayanand was unable to provide the number of dirty needles that had been reported to council, she said there were less calls from concerned community members since the needle and syringe disposal facilities were put in place.

These bins are located at Community Health on Docker Street, Chambers Park carpark at the Tolland Community centre, and Wilks Park. 

Ms Dayanand said needle-stick injuries could happen but they were very rare in Wagga. 

“When someone reports a used needle, we have health officers attend those sites within the hour,” Ms Dayanand said. 

“At the moment we are trying to increase public awareness about using the allocated bins and the bins placed in pharmacies.” 

It also follows the launch of Wagga Council’s Be Sharps Smart campaign in September last year. 

A book, featuring an echidna, teaches children about the dangers of needles and about what to do if they stumble across sharps.

The message is to not touch it and to inform an adult as soon as possible.