You say: city’s FDC hailed as one of the best

One reader has praised the efforts of those at Wagga's Family Day Care facility.

One reader has praised the efforts of those at Wagga's Family Day Care facility.

Current publicity regarding so-called Family Day Care centres that have been operating unethically and dishonestly reflects badly on established home-based Family Day Care services that are run in a professional and ethical manner.

Residents of Wagga and district can be confident that the Family Day Care service that operates under the “umbrella” of Wagga City Council provides an excellent service, which has been recognised as exceptional.

The scheme is one of the oldest in NSW in which qualified educators offer a home-based service and are supported by a professional team that ensures sound management and at all times places a high priority on the wellbeing of children and indeed, the well being of the educators (carers) who provide care to a high standard.

This city can be proud of the Family Day Care service available to families who prefer access to home-based child care.

Mary Kidson


Heat torture for animals too

What torture for the poor sheep and cattle confined in paddocks -many without the slightest bit of shade - in 43 degree heat.

Being compelled to endure these hellish conditions each summer is something meat-eaters probably never think about yet this, in itself, is a good enough reason to switch to a cruelty-free vegan diet.

I'm sure none of us would want to sit outside in the scorching sun all day so why is it deemed acceptable to condemn farmed animals to this hell?

Jenny Moxham


Republic v Monarchy

I am still waiting for someone to explain to me what benefits Republicanism has against our present Monarchy.    

All I can see is a fight to see who will be the President.  Mr Turnbull says they would hold a referendum so the voters can make the decision. 

What decision … a vote between whoever is nominated by the Prime Minister?

Can’t you just see it?

A referendum so that we can vote between him, Ms Julie Bishop or The Speaker, with the discussion papers, naturally, slanted towards his “great experience and understanding of a Republic?”. 

What we need is a Government and an Opposition which works together to make this country great.

We do not need years of Parliamentarians fighting about changes to be made as a Republic… signs, letterheads, laws and God knows what else they dream up.

We need more money for education (TAFE, good schools, fairer costing for university and help for children who live and learn out the back of beyond)

And what about the stupid decision to close Schools of the Air – is that in an effort to force families off their properties? 

They might consider the fact that not all children want to go to boarding school and on to university.

A great many want to stay on the land and learn how to provide food for the rest of us.

Betty Brady


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