You say: holiday safety is of utmost importance this month

One reader hopes the increased police presence lessens the holiday road toll.
One reader hopes the increased police presence lessens the holiday road toll.

It’s good to see that the Highway Patrol is intending to be visible these holidays. I wonder if they’ll identify the front of their patrol cars to assist the cause.

It was also good to see excellent advice contained in Sergeant Sivewright’s concluding comments about being aware of what’s around you in your driving environment.

It’s unfortunate that many holiday crashes don’t involve people who are travelling on holidays.

The messages of holiday safety apply to all of us because the mix of traffic during holiday periods is quite different from what might be considered normal.

What can the average driver do (not just in holidays)?

Start with ensuring that you are awake, sober, alert, focused, aware and thinking (wearing the seat belt is a no-brainer).

Taking care of these elements will make it extremely unlikely that you will be caught by surprise.

Bruce Harper, Wagga

Each to their own

I have just read the weekend wondering of RT WALKER, which seems to be to berate those who don't champion same-sex marriage.

He seems to be well-versed in the old testament writings so I presume he understands that being written some thousand years ago, they consist of what we now call ancient history, some of the scientific knowledge of the time and some cautionary tales.

The food scientists seem to have been as confused as are those of today. A few years ago we were advised that eating more than one egg a week was sure to lead to early death whereas now we can safely scoff two a day. Most times I open my computer I am greeted to a sales pitch listing the foods that will make us fat or thin or drained of energy or conversely jumping over the traces. Of course the information comes at a cost. I could add a page of such scientific changes.

I guess RT WALKER doesn't understand that present day basic Christians recognise the teaching of Jesus, hence the name. Jesus explained and reinforced the useful parts of the old testament and added some to it. So we have the present day Catholic catechism, which contains all common sense anyway, though we all adhere to it to a greater or less degree.  

Chris Madden, Lockhart

Parliamentary circus

How hilarious, the parliamentary circus arena on December 12.

The PM dwelling on transparency as he launched his verbal attack on the opposition.

One enjoyed noting a QC draw attention (in amusement) to the PM's words of conclusion he used in one of his tirades of response question being the ruler of a nation.

I too swiftly picked this up, it suggested the PM was in awe of himself, the word ruler gives evidence to such pompous audacity.

Every time he boasts that the opposition gets things wrong he is saying it takes one to know one.

It can be likened to their claim that the Australian people unanimously voted yes in a plebiscite fiasco when the correct procedure to gain a true outcome was overruled seeing as over 20 per cent didn't vote.

Both major parties fall short on honesty but they major on deceitfulness. They rule the people with the iron fist of a dictator with the politically correct rule of thumb.

Yvonne Rance, Griffith


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