New eclectic eatery BAY85 set to morph menu | Photos

Look out folks, there’s a new bar in town. 

After much anticipation, BAY85 opened tonight at 6pm, offering contemporary vibes and a massive selection of wine.

Smack-bang in the middle of the the main, the new venture from Thaigga’s Rob Baliva and Tae Yota with Max Lee of Wonton Express is set to become a staple Baylis Street watering hole. 

“We’ve gone for a rustic, industrial atmosphere, very laid back and relaxed,” Rob Baliva said. 

“We want to create a sense of excitement behind the bar, with our staff front-and-centre.” 

There’s a wine selection to please professional and amateur sommeliers alike, with 27 reds, 19 white and seven carefully selected sparkling wines. 

Borambola and Cottontails get a look in but the choice is eclectic, featuring drops from all over the globe. 

Modern-Australian fusion will be plated up tapas style, with the chefs themselves struggling to define the cuisine by any kind of existing standard. 

‘Big trouble’ for example, is a Wagga Angus flank steak with slow brazed octopus, Kraken rum jelly and chili threads. 

There’s no limit to the chefs’ creativity, with a morphing menu set to keep people guessing. 

The menu is going to consistently change. Come down one week and when you come the next there will be something else on there.

Rob Baliva

“The menu is going to consistently change,” Mr Baliva said.

“We’re already talking about the new menu, we didn’t want to have a real stale offering.

“Come down one week and when you come the next there will be something else on there.” 

Despite the international inspiration, the ingredients ground the menu, with quality local produce a staple. 

“The Riverina has some of the best produce there is so why not make full use of that?” Mr Baliva said. 

The stage is also set for local musos to fill the dimly-lit space with their magic, with Harry Mangelsdorf and guitarist Tom Brereton to christen the space this evening. 

Any local artists looking for visibility are encouraged to get in touch with the bar. 

BAY85 will open late on Friday and Saturday with online bookings encouraged.